Useful Roulette Odds

The results of each spin in roulette are entirely controlled by luck, and no strategies or betting systems can change that, visit site for betting tips. However, because the game is completely random, the statistics of the game are much more easily predicted. That means smart players can use roulette odds to make smarter bets and win more money over time.

The Odds of Winning

Depending on whether players are playing on an American or European roulette wheel, each slot has a 1 in 37 or 38 of being the end result with good roulette system. That means, every straight up bet that players make have a 1 in 37/38 chance of winning. These are not very good odds because they mean that the vast majority of the time, a straight up bet will lose and cost the player his or her bet. Luckily there are a number of other bets that players can make, and they come with much better roulette odds.

Other Bets

There are bets in roulette known as even odds bets, try playing at bonus sans depot casino. They are called this because they have equal odds of either winning or losing. Bets on red, black, evens, or odds are the options for players who want the best odds possible. While these bets do not pay out very much, they will allow players to recoup their original bet plus a little extra. By combing these better roulette odds with riskier straight up bets, players can almost always break even on their bets, and occasionally come out ahead.

By using the best roulette odds to make smart choices, players can play roulette without losing all of their money. If they play often enough, they can even walk away with some much more considerable winnings.

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