The Different Variations of Roulette

All roulette games have a standard set of rules that stay in place no matter what. However, there are many variations of the game roulette, discover different roulette variations at site. European, American, Mini, French, and Roulette Royal differ in many ways. Below is a list of what players can expect from each game.

How European Roulette Works

This is, hands down, the most popular and known version, mainly because it is offered by numerous online casinos and land-based casinos worldwide. In this variation, the house has only a 2.63% edge. There are 37 featured numbers and only 1 "0" is shown on the wheel. This is typically the go-to choice for players because of its lower house edge or play other games like online slots.

The Ways of American Roulette

This game is very popular in casinos throughout the United States of America. Although it is very similar to European roulette, it is still not as popular because of the house edge with good roulette system. This game has an extra number "00" that is added to the wheel, making the house edge 5.26%. Even though the house edge is higher, many people still visit the casinos and enjoy the game.

The Game of Mini Roulette

Like many other casino games, roulette has a mini version of the game. There are 13 numbers total in mini roulette and these 13 numbers include the single number "0". The house edge in this game is extremely high with 7.69%. However, it is possible to reduce the edge to 3.85% if a casino that pays back half on losing bets that land on 0 is found with effective roulette betting.

What is French Roulette?

This is how roulette got its incredible start. This variation features the rule La Partage; a rule that pays players half of their money bets back if they lose on 0. The house edge is lowered down to 1.32% so it is not a game that is offered in many places but is definitely worth giving a try.

What Roulette Royale is all About

This version is almost exactly like European roulette; the only difference is that it offers a progressive jackpot. In order to win this jackpot, the player must hit the exact same single number 5 consecutive times with useful roulette odds. This is a difficult thing to do but it is a great thing when it happens.

As it is easy to see, all of these games vary in their own way. The basic rules of the game stay the same but there are little changes that make each variation exciting and different. Imagine the chain of events that could unfold as soon as you enter into an online casino website. You could pick up some great prizes and play your favourite games. If you believe in the scenario, you might want to check out : It is a good online casino guide for players like you. It is recommended that all roulette players give these games a chance. They are all enjoyable and wonderfully different.

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