Online Blackjack Strategy

The concept of online blackjack strategy was introduced by Doctor Edward O. Thorp who wrote a bestselling book on blackjack strategies, learn blackjack and other games at site. Some of his strategies are still in use today and hence he was inducted to the blackjack hall of fame in the year 2003. Nowadays a different set of online blackjack strategy is used. This online blackjack strategy has been tested on computers and is approved by it as being the optimal online blackjack strategy for the game. So if you follow the online blackjack strategy, you will surely increase your chances of winning as well as reducing the house edge by half.

When you have a hard hand, then there is a certain online blackjack strategy that you should follow or understand different variations of roulette. Now a hard hand is the one where the value of an ace card has already been converted to 1 or there is no ace card at all. So if there is 5 to 8, then you can hit your hand against any dealer up card. If the dealer's up card is 9, then you should double against a dealer 2 through 6 and hit 7 through ace. Besides this there is an entire online blackjack strategy chart that is available online. This chart covers all the strategies that you can use when you have a hand.

Trying to find a good French-language casino site? Visit the new platform! See the casino en ligne francais section! Now moving towards soft hands. When you have 13 to 15, then you should hit. If you have 16 and 17 then you can double against a dealer 2 through 6, otherwise hit and if you have 18, you can use the online blackjack strategy of doubling against a dealer 2 through 6, stand against a 7 or eight, hit against 9. So these were some basic strategies about blackjack or other games like online slots. You can easily read up more information online and play better.

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